Proprietary Three Phase Filtering Sequence
Independent Hot and Cold Water Filtration
Point of Use Application
Medical Quality Connections and Supply Lines
Efficient Water Usage
No Electricity
No Tools – No Drippy Mess
Easy to Change Cartridges
Volatile organic chemicals, pesticides, solvents, arsenic, lead as well as
prescription and over the counter drug residue and
hundreds more poisonous substances.
    CLICK HERE for the EPA Report on Drinking Water
Waste-refuse sediment, contaminated particulates,
metal fragments and the really icky scum, and sludge
all hiding in our water supply, plumbing, hot water
heaters and pipes. Prior to 1986, LEAD, one of the most
deadly containments on earth, was commonly used in all residential and
commercial construction.
Parasites, bacteria and micro-organisms are multiplying and
mutating into a new and deadlier strains. Former technology
utilizing exposure to Ultra Violet light is no longer adequate
protection, allowing the transformed strains and endotoxins
to enter the body unimpeded.
The Ultra-Filtration Three Phase COLLECTION not only removes unwanted particulates, virtually eliminates poisonous
chemicals, it also provides a 0.2 Micron Barrier. STOPS UNWANTED ORGANISMS IN THEIR TRACKS.
Point-of-Use – Easy Installation
NO Wasted Water
NO Dangerous bulbs to Change
Doesn’t use Electricity
COMPACT! – Fits just about anywhere
And, It Looks Nice!
Replacing filtration cartridges every 90-120 day is recommended to insure the highest quality “Purified Water.”
Phase I – $ 25.96 pair
Phase II – $ 43.96 pair
Phase III – $ 85.96 pair
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